About Me

My name is Julie Smith-Galvin, and I am proud to be a candidate for Wakefield Town Councilor, elected in April 2018.  I moved to Wakefield in 2000 with my husband, Tom.  We chose Wakefield because it was affordable, had good schools, and was close to my new job, an energy business located in Edgewater Business Park.  Our kids have known no other home.  I was six months pregnant with Thomas when we moved here.  He turns 18 this year.  Amelia, now 15,  soon followed.  Our family has been defined by our tight knit Greenwood neighborhood, Wakefield public schools, our church, youth sports, and a network of dear friends.

My Community Engagement

Juggling a family and career is challenging, but I have always tried to stay involved on issues I consider important.  I think the perspective of working parents is critical, so I applied and served on the inaugural Board of the after-school program, Wakefield Academy, when it was formed in 2008.  In an attempt to impart my love of reading, I worked for many years on Greenwood Elementary’s annual AuthorFest program.  I believe in youth sports as a way to build teamwork and confidence, so I have spent time coaching basketball and softball and more recently being a Golf Booster.  Last fall, I helped establish Sustainable Wakefield and am very proud of the role it played in getting the bag reduction bylaw passed at Town Meeting.  I’ve gotten to know the amazing work of the Boys and Girls Club and have been able to support their efforts to start an environmental education initiative.  I work on Most Blessed Sacrament’s Community Dinner ministry and was recently appointed to the board of Wakefield Community Access TV (WCAT).

My Education and Professional Experience

After completing my BA in International Studies and Communication at American University in Washington, DC, I served in the U.S. Peace Corps as a volunteer assigned to a  small, rural village in the Dominican Republic, just miles from the Haitian border. It was an area where no one had electricity, running water or easy access to education.  My time there was a life-defining experience that instilled in me the lesson that those with privilege are obligated to give back.   As a direct result of my time living with no electricity, I entered a career in power.  I moved to Massachusetts to work for an organization pioneering solar-based rural electrification, then completed my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Boston University.  After graduating, I entered the corporate world, working for nearly 20 years for two of the world’s largest renewable power companies, rising to the level of Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications.  In 2016, I started my own business, JSG Communications, a strategic communications firm based at Greentown Labs to serve start-up companies working in energy and the environment.  

I look forward to applying my experiences and skills to make Wakefield a more livable, sustainable and inclusive community for our residents, businesses and visitors.