I will to work toward a Wakefield that is:


Balancing residential and business needs will ensure that Wakefield remains a desired and livable community. It is imperative that business development take into account the entire town and be consistent with the larger values we hold as a community.  As Selectman, I will advocate for appointing an Economic Development coordinator accountable for developing a comprehensive program to attract and assist businesses of all sizes.   In addition to providing Wakefield with important financial stability, businesses enrich our town with people and culture.  That is why it is critical that we ensure that our business development approach reflects who we want to be as a community.


Environmental stewardship is inextricably linked to Wakefield’s ability to develop and maintain a strong economic and social future. The Lake is more than just Wakefield’s most famous natural landmark, it is a place where people come together.  It is critical that we preserve and protect our lakes and open spaces.  We must maintain playgrounds and playing fields for our children and keep our roads and sidewalks safe for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.  I want us to evaluate the feasibility of installing solar and other non-emitting power sources whenever we retrofit or replace a building.  As Selectman, I will ensure that our municipal departments think about environmental consequences and opportunities as part of our standard decision-making process.


As Wakefield becomes increasingly diverse, we must remain a welcoming and accepting community.   Our children deserve great schools and educational resources designed to prepare them for success in a complex and ever changing world.  We owe our older residents gratitude for creating the town that we enjoy today, and it is our responsibility to ensure that it remains accessible and affordable for them.  Inclusivity extends far beyond finances.  It includes combating bias and promoting inclusion by words, deeds and actions.  As your Selectman, I will commit to evaluating how town actions, policies and spending impact all groups, while advocating that our hiring and appointed boards strive to reflect our community demographics, beliefs and core community values.